Pearl Export Drum Kit with Hardware and Cymbals


Set: Fusion

American Fusion

Color: Smokey Chrome

Smokey Chrome
Jet Black
Black Cherry Glitter
High Voltage Blue
Satin White
Satin Shadow Black
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Renowned for their excellent build quality and impeccable sounds, the new Pearl Export drums surpass all expectations.

These drums boast top-of-the-range inspired drum shells, ingeniously combining Poplar wood with inner plies of Asian Mahogany. The result? Powerful volume, deep resonance, and remarkable tonal clarity that will captivate both players and audiences.

The Pearl Export's extraordinary sound quality is elevated by the Superior Shell Technology (SST), a unique construction process involving extreme heat and hydraulic pressure to craft the ultimate acoustic drum shell. The outcome is nothing short of phenomenal – a drum set that delivers punchy tones across the kit with ease.

🎛️ Hardware: As one of the finest drum brands, Pearl doesn't disappoint with the Pearl Export EXX. This 5-piece drum set includes Pearl's 830 Series hardware and the P-930 bass drum pedal, setting it apart from the competition.

The 830 Series hardware impresses with its sturdiness and high-quality feel. Designed to withstand the test of time, it ensures your drum set remains dependable and delivers consistent performance for years to come. The Opti-Loc system, in particular, secures the rack toms effortlessly, offering both adjustability and stability.

🏗️ Build Quality: The Pearl Export EXX stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship. Its build quality exceeds expectations, explaining why it has earned its reputation as the world's best-selling drum set.

Pearl's commitment to excellence shines through every detail – perfectly rounded shells, smooth bearing edges, and heavy-duty chrome hoops, lugs, and tension rods. The newly designed low mass lugs enhance shell resonance, creating an exceptional playing experience.

🥁 Playability: Behind the Pearl Export drum set, you'll discover the sheer joy of playing a top-notch musical instrument. Easy to tune and responsive, these drums produce impressive attack, resonance, and tonal clarity even with the stock heads.

Versatility is the name of the game with this drum set. The snare drum dazzles with articulation and warmth, while the kick drum delivers a solid, punchy sound. The rack toms offer clean tones with a short sustain, projecting crisp notes with a lively character. The floor tom completes the package with its strong low-end tone.

💰 Value: The Pearl Export drum set redefines value for money. It brings together functionality, outstanding performance, and affordability, making it a standout choice for beginner and intermediate drummers alike.

With the highest quality drum shells and a competitive price point, you'll get the most out of your investment. While not a fully-fledged professional drum set, the Pearl Export Series comes remarkably close, making it an unbeatable choice for any aspiring drummer.

⭐ Verdict: The Pearl Export EXX represents the perfect blend of quality and value in a magnificent package. Its professional-grade feel sets it apart from cheaper alternatives, making it the preferred choice for millions of drummers worldwide.

What's in the Box? The Pearl Export Series drum set comes with everything you need to get started on your musical journey. Included in the box are:

  • Shells & Snare
  • Hi Hat Stand
  • Cymbal Stand
  • Cymbal Boom Stand
  • Snare Drum Stand
  • Kick Drum Pedal
  • Opti-Loc Tom Holders
  • Floor Tom Legs
  • Sabian SBR Cymbal Pack

Note: Drum throne is not included in this bundle and must be purchased separately.

Additional Information

Fusion, American Fusion, Rock


Smokey Chrome, Jet Black, Black Cherry Glitter, High Voltage Blue, Satin White, Satin Shadow Black