Nuvo TooT N430T Outfit - White with green trim

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Revolutionising the beginner woodwind market, Nuvo have created a fleet of instruments perfect for beginners in every way. Made from a combination of durable plastic and silicone, each instrument is ultra-lightweight and couldn't be easier to clean - simply rinse or bathe with soapy water, dry thoroughly and they're good to go! The TooT is designed to be a bridge instrument for players taking their first steps towards the flute. Similar to a fife, although where it differs is in bore size, giving a shorter instrument and allowing smaller players to hold it closer to their body without the need for a curved head joint. Everything on the Toot is designed to give the beginner an easier playing experience, benefitting both player and teachers alike. From the 'Firstnote' lip-plate, to the durable silicone pads it the ideal instrument for inspiring young players in the classroom and at home. Silicone key flaps Silicone key covers help smaller hands to accurately and completely cover the tone holes - less squeaks, more music! The instrument follows recorder-like fingering patterns whilst allowing beginners to learn flute mouthpiece techniques. 'Firstnote' lip-plate The Toot features the NUVO Firstnote lip plate which can be used in the early lessons while the student is learning posture, fingering and playing simple tunes. When ready, the Firstnote can be replaced by the regular lip plate which is also included. Easy to clean Nuvo instruments are easy to clean and sanitise. For a quick clean, simply spray with an appropriate woodwind disinfectant, leave for a 20 seconds or more then wipe with a dry cloth. When your instrument needs a deeper clean you can bathe it in warm soapy water and leave to dry on a towel. This will remove a build up of dirt or grime in any part of the instrument and get rid of any unwanted bacteria without the need to take it apart or for expensive cleaning equipment. Built to last Made from durable plastic and silicone, Nuvo instruments are built to last. Nuvo actively encourages players to pass on their instrument to another beginner once they have moved on to their next instrument, so if looked after well, your instrument could last you through many new players! Maintenance is also simple, with readily available spare parts and simple instructions for fitting and repair. Fun for all ages The Nuvo Toot isn't limited to just the classroom. Although it is the perfect instrument as a stepping platform for an aspiring flautist, or for a classroom of young musicians, it can be enjoyed by anyone. Whether you were once a flautist and would like to rekindle your passion without breaking the bank, are a fife player, like to use music for meditation or just want to start something new, the Toot is ready to inspire. Case & accessories The slimline slipcase keeps everything you need to play the Toot in one place. Just enough space for your Toot, alternate lip-plate, lip-plate remover and fingering chart while you need it! The Nuvo WindStars curriculum is the perfect way to learn, WindStars1 is an introduction to music making and is suitable for Nuvo DooD, TooT and Recorder+. Check out the videos in the videos tab at the top and see the tutor and student books also available on this site. Have you seen the Nuvo Windstars books? Windstar aim to offer a simple, effective, and affordable way for junior school kids to experience playing music together. The idea of a Windstar instrument is to give children a feel for what it would be like to play the real thing. The simpler version allows for skills to develop introducing a class or individual to what playing a wind instrument feels like for them. Progressing through the program, specially put together by music professionals, children are able to play a musical instrument and develop a life-long love for music at an early age. Windstars have three different levels to work through. You can start with Level 1 and progress through the stages at your own pace. Click HERE to view the full range of Nuvo Windstars books. Looking after your Nuvo instrument Although Nuvo instruments require very little maintenance, if you ever need to change a part it is easy to do yourself. Watch the video below for some detailed instructions from the manufacturer.... More useful information Toot Fingering Chart