Behind the Scenes with Kathy Sledge and Sister Sledge

Kathy Sledge and Sister Sledge

Kathy Sledge, a renowned singer, songwriter, and producer, is best known as the lead vocalist of the iconic group Sister Sledge. Formed in 1971, Sister Sledge quickly rose to fame with their signature hit "We Are Family," an anthem of unity and empowerment that resonated worldwide. The group, comprised of sisters Debbie, Joni, Kim, and Kathy, became synonymous with feel-good music, blending disco, R&B, and pop influences to create timeless tracks that continue to inspire generations.

"In It Together" Festival at Margam in Port Talbot

This year, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Kathy Sledge and Sister Sledge at the "In It Together" festival held at Margam Park in Port Talbot. This vibrant event brought together an eclectic mix of artists and music lovers, celebrating the joy of live performances in a picturesque setting.


Our Role and Collaboration with Sister Sledge

As a musical hire retail company with extensive experience at major festivals like Glastonbury and Black Deer, we were well-equipped to provide comprehensive stage management and backline support for Sister Sledge’s performance. Our collaboration with the band was seamless, ensuring they had everything they needed for a stellar show.

Crew and Responsibilities

Our dedicated crew played a crucial role in the smooth execution of the performance. Here's a breakdown of our timeline and responsibilities:

- Early Morning Arrival: The crew arrived early at the festival site to unload equipment and set up the side stage area.
- Equipment Setup: We meticulously set up all the necessary equipment, including drums, bass, keyboards, and guitars.
- Band Liaison: Our team liaised with the band to walk them through the equipment, ensuring they were satisfied with the setup.
- Sound Check: Before the performance, there was a 30-minute changeover where all equipment was mic'd up by the sound engineer and line checked to ensure everything was in perfect working order.
- On-Hand Support: During the performance, our staff was on hand at the side of the stage to assist with any immediate needs, including a guitar technician ready for any on-the-spot adjustments.
- Post-Performance Pack Down: After the show, our crew safely packed down all equipment, loading it back into the van for transport back to base.

Equipment Used

For this performance, we provided high-quality equipment to ensure the best possible sound:

- Drums: DW Collectors Edition with a 22" kick, 10, 12, 16 configuration, a Ludwig 400 snare drum, Sabian Complex cymbals, and a few Zildjian K cymbals.

- Bass: Ampeg SVT Classic head with an Ampeg Heritage SVT-810 cab.
- Keyboards: Korg Kronos 73 and Nord Stage 3.
- Guitars: 2 x Fender Twin 65’s (one for use and one as a backup).
- Keyboard Amp: Roland KC500 for backstage rehearsals.

Behind the Scenes Photos



Working with Kathy Sledge and Sister Sledge at the "In It Together" festival was a rewarding experience for our team. Our thorough preparation and hands-on support ensured a flawless performance, leaving the band and the audience with unforgettable memories. As we packed down and had a chance to enjoy the festival ourselves, we reflected on the joy of being part of such a vibrant musical event. Now, with our equipment checked and ready, we look forward to the next gig, continuing to provide exceptional service and support to artists and festivals alike.